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Falsies... How to and review

 False Eyelashes!
False Eyelashes are part of the makeup routine that a lot people tend to skip over. I no that my friends and I only wear them when we go 'out' and even then some done't even bother, because they either think they can’t pull them off… or just couldn’t put them on!  
So with wedding season and summer ahead I wanted to let you guys know that Falsies CAN be done quickly, easily, and correctly, whether you’re a “beauty guru” or a regular lover of lush lashes :)

Which lashes are best for you?   Fake eyelashes, come in many different shapes and styles.    They are meant to blend in with your natural eyelashes but with many different styles it can be hard to pick one thats best for yourself. From simple, natural-looking ones, to dramatic full lashes and even odd shapes and sizes there is something for EVERY occasion.  
There are two main types of lashes - strip and individual.  The two have very different applications, but are both very doable.  
Strip False Lashes: These are the more popular type of falsies, as they’re quicker to apply.  They are a full eye’s worth of lashes pre-attatched to one another, making them easy to just glue on and go.  

Individual False Lashes: 
Individual lashes are ideal for occasions where you want extra drama but definitely don’t want the look of bulky lashes!  Each individual lash is a small clump of several lashes stuck together, meant to be applied one by one to the lash line.  It’s easy to blend individual lashes together with your real lashes, so they look much more natural… if a bit more time consuming!

How you APPLY false eyelashes?

Applying falsies isn’t something that you’re going to be able to do perfectly the first time its took me years to be able t get them on first go perfectly!  I'd advise to practice a few times before going and using them for a night out.  
MY WAY of applying falsies… for me it is the easiest way to apply glue, etc.  Some people have different methods, but I believe that this will work for most people!
You Will Need:  scissors, eyelash glue, black mascara, and tweezers.
1.  For strip eyelashes, you MUST trim the lashes before you apply them!  Not everyone’s eyes are the same shape, and strip lashes are often too long for most eyes.  Hold the lashes to your eyes, and snip off the part of the falsies that extends beyond your natural lash line.
2.  Lots of falsies come with eyelash glue but if not you can buy lash glue individually as well.  Apply a thin layer of glue to the false lash line. If you are using individual lashes, it’s easier to pick up each lash with tweezers and dip just the end into the glue.  
3.  Allow the glue to set on the lashes for about 15 seconds before you apply them to your eyes.  This will allow the glue to become tackier and will help the lashes set faster.  
4.  This is the hard bit... Using tweezers, apply the center of the false lash to the center of your lashline, getting as close to your real lash line as you can ( the closer the more natural it will look) Then use the tweezers to gently stick the edges down as well. 
5.  Once the lashes are applied, hide any glue with liquid eyeliner, and use mascara to blend your natural lashes with your fake ones. 
My favourite make of false lashes are Ardell, they come in real hair and synthetic and after trying many different brands I always come back to these as for me I think they look the most natural!

I use these Ardell No.110 for natural fuller looking lashes without the drag queen effect!

And there you have it perfectly placed falsies that make your eyes pop, and add that well needed extra va va voom! 

Luv Holly


  1. I like the look of false lashes, I'm just much more of a fan of natural is better. Or perhaps just mascara. This was a good read.


    1. Hey thanks for your comment, I must admit a lot of my friends are the same, don't really bother but find that they make their eyes look better on pics on a night out! xx

  2. I've never actually used false eyelashes but I really like the idea of individual ones so you can control the look and how dramatic you want it to be. Great post :) x

    1. aww thanks hun!
      Yes the individual give you full control and great for a less obvious false lash =)


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