Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wax On, Wax Off

Right so this post is all about waxing, so if you're the type of person who gets all awkward, weird and offended about this sort of stuff avert your eyes now!! I did warn you..

I've been waxing since I was around 15 and to me I thought it was all pretty normal and what most girls do right? Wrong... after chatting with my friends the topic of waxing came up (may I add we were talking about holidays, we don't just bring up the nether regions for any old reason!) and well I was surprised at how little 1 they know about it and 2 how some had never even had it done before.
After my friend claimed that she was getting a wax for the first time (were all aged 21/22) and slightly nervous about it I realised that hey not all girls actually go out and go for regular appointments down their local beauty salon. Some even went as far as using different salons even time so that they didn't have to 'see' the same woman again.

To me this is all ridiculous but coming from a mother who is very into getting all those sort of treatments done I was brought up for it to be a normal part of my beauty regime and never looked back. My friends where horrified by the idea of getting a full Hollywood wax (if you need to ask, Im writing this article for you!) But to me the idea of getting, how can i put this... waxing the whole lot off, every last bit, by a total stranger was not the embarrassing nightmare that some of you may think. Ok so the first time can be a little awkward but trust me the beautician has seen it all and hey I'm 21 there going to be a lot more older you know what than mine, that she's seen!

I was surprised that a lot of my friends hadn't even googled the different types of wax available, they sort of had an idea of what each 'named' wax was, but didn't really know what it included how it was done etc. Here in the UK I think were so far behind the Europeans and Americans with this sort of thing, so here are a few tips to calm those nerves and take the plunge...

  • First of if you're getting a wax for the first time than tell the beautician that, tell her that you're a little uncomfortable about having it done, to the waxer it's no big deal and it shouldn't be to you either. Her knowing this will only help you relax. 

  • If your scared it's going to hurt, get another wax first. Go to the salon and get a leg wax that way your in the environment and you can get use to how they interact with you and also how the whole waxing this kind of works.

  • Do your research don't be afraid to goole the different names and styles some are more extreme and if you go in there thinking you're getting a basic bikini wax and she tells you to strip your going to run a mile. Different salons can and do sometimes have twists in the names so double check that its just a basic if your unsure.

  • Be vocal. Once your in there don't be afraid to chat while you're getting your wax done. Laying there all quiet will only increase the awkwardness you're felling and you'll never go back. Oh and don't be afraid to ask for 'more off' if you feel she's been a bit hesitant. You're paying for this it's only right that your happy with the end result.

  • Don't be a one trip pony, seeing your beautician regularly will boost your confidence and help with your waxing results.  

  • Take a friend, ok so I don't mean have her come into the room with you while you're getting it done but booking an appointment together will stop you from cancelling it last minuet. If you can ask a friend thats been before. Any embarrassing stories can be shared after your and you'll feel relieved that you did it.

Ok so I know I might sound a little patronising to those who have been and don't think anything of it but honestly I never even realised how much of a big deal it is to some girls and to them it's no laughing matter. So I really hope that this has helped anyone who's a bit nervous about going to a salon, but really it's not all that bad. 

Love Holly


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  2. Love your style, I am officially your newest follower (; xx

  3. hahaa. honey. My mother wouldnt dare talk about this subject. Although I keep the area up to par... I am scared shitless of a bikini wax. or any wax in that area... I keep saying i am going to go.. then i back out. This was very cute!

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  5. true that its not that bad to get it done. I get it done all the time. Its in our religion to be clean n to remove unwanted hair.
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