Saturday, 17 March 2012

Homemade lush lip scrub..

I absolutely love DIY beauty products, there super fun to make and best part is you know exactly what is in them! So when i noticed my lips started to crack from the harsh winter weather and i knew a DIY product would have to be made. I found this great recipes online for lip scrub so I thought I'd share it.

I thought it would be lovely if everyone made a batch as well and posted results and pics of there lovely scrubs! Here is the steps on how to get lush lips! :)
1. Start by prepping your lips, run your toothbrush under warm water then as you would brush your teeth make gentle circular motions on your lips removing all the dead skin.
2. Now collect the ingredients for your lush lip scrub you will need:
. a package of raw sugar
. a few drops of olive oil
. 1/4 tsp lip balm (any kind)
3. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
4. Apply scrub to lips and rub vigorously for 60 seconds. Then simply wash off scrub.
5. Apply a layer of plain lip balm or vaseline to lips. Repeat 2-3 a week for a huge improvement.
6. You can also make travel size scrubs to take on the go! Simply fill disposable mascara wands or travel size beauty containers and you can have soft flake free lips anywhere!

I hope this post was useful. 
Please follow me and post pics of your scrubs as well! :)
Love Holly


  1. Nice idea! I've tried with honey, sugar and milk, but the problem is that milk spoils fast. I'll try out this one:) xx

  2. Thanks, its really easy and works well so hope you like it! xx

  3. amazing!! definitely trying this :))

  4. such an amazing idea! love your blog, I just started following you, I hope you can do the same and keep in contact :D

    Tons of kisses and love from

  5. Can you.please tell me what you used to get this color? An jar u used


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