Saturday, 17 March 2012

Review: M.A.C Prep+Primer 
I’ve been searching for the perfect primer for myself and since now i've been using one by GOSH that I purchased at my local superdrug.  I would look all matte and fresh before I leave the house in the morning but before the day ends, meaning afternoon-ish, my face would be all yucky and my make up would be runny (gross? I know).
But I think I may have found the perfect one...
It’s M.A.C Prep+Primer

My mum got it for me a few days back so I decided to try it out on Friday. 
I applied Prep + Prime Line Filler and Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone (both £15 each) over my regular moisturiser, I applied the line filler first to any noticeable wrinkle areas, I don't have many but for me this meant the outer corners and under my eyes mainly.
The formula rather thick, creating sort of a top layer anywhere I applied it. 

Next I applied Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone to my T-zone, as the instructions suggest.  The texture of this product was definitely lighter and applied on like a dream.  For all you ladies with oilier complexions, skin refined zone is an oil-free product with a soy-based emulsion that helps to minimize pores and keep shine at bay.

My foundation went on right after and I could tell that the makeup looked smoother on my skin and didn’t sink into my pores hardly at all.  I’m definitely loving both products, especially on those days where I don’t wear much makeup and really want my good skin to shine through.

So it’s a definite must-have, well, at least for me. 
Or if you have your own favourite primers, please share them !

Love Holly

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