Friday, 6 April 2012

Everyones talking Eyebrows!

It’s easy to go horribly wrong, but so worth it if it’s done correctly!  
The eyebrows are suppose to be the the foundation of your face… they give you expression and depth. Most people have no idea how important eyebrows are and having a clean, trimmed set of brows is immediately going to make your face look better.
Finding a happy balance is key, they don't want to be super thin but also overly thick can look daft on some people.  Every person’s brows have a particular shape and it's finding that happy medium so that they look natural.
Im sure you've all seen this picture before, and I continuously refer back to it when i'm shaping my eyebrows. Using a makeup brush or pencil hold it vertically against your nose.  This is where your brows should begin.
Not moving the pencil from your nose, rotate it so it crosses your pupil… this is where the arch should be (where the pencil crosses your brow, slight right to your pupil.)
Continue rotating the pencil until it lines up with the outer corner of your eye… where the pencil points to should be the ending of your brow.

 You can also trim your brows occasionally by brushing the hairs up towards your forehead, and use brow or nail scissors to carefully snip the hair that extends farther than you’d like.  This will make your brows super neat but please be carful it’s much too easy to get rid of too much.

If your just not that much of a dab hand in the brow department the easiest option is to go see a professional. ( I tried this and I didn't like it one bit, I'd much rather do my own!!) but they do offer many different methods of brow shaping: 
+  Waxing
+  Threading 
+  Plucking 
+  Shaving - I have to mention this, if only to say DON’T DO IT.  Never shave your eyebrows!!!!

 Filling in your eyebrows -
Filling in my eyebrows is still fairly new to me I only really started to do this a few years back after I 'over plucked' them as a young teen! But for many people, the thought has never occurred to them.  In most instances, you don’t need to bother, but it can make such a difference, especially if your brows are thin or patchy.
When I say fill them in I most certainly do not mean go ahead and colour them in!  They can be done with pencil, powder, gel, or simply eyeshadow. Filling in the brows will make them look stronger and more even.

Tell me what you think about this seasons thick eye brow trend, 
one for many or just for the cat walk?
Love Holly

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