Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Diet Update...

I lost 7lbs!!!
Im soo happy in two weeks iv lost 7 lbs and this has brought me to my target. Im defiantly going to carry it on its so easy now and feels like second nature. Iv had some feed back on my last post about dieting and thought Id share this with you. A lot of people have said healthily eating and exercises is best for them but for me I found this wasn't enough. As a girl who eats small portions normally, healthy and does plenty of exercises a week for me This wasn't helping me lose weight it was maintaing my healthy and toned weight and figure.

I started the no carb diet 2 weeks ago and at first it was hard but in the end I felt a lot better and healthier than normal. Now I must admit I am in no shape or form overweight or under weight I am in the middle, Im normal but also heavier than I am use to being.  Im going to carry on my diet till the summer and then hopefully Il be at my goal weight of 126lbs. =)

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