Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review: DiorShow Waterproof Mascara . . .

I have been using this mascara for a couple of months now and have to say I LOVE it. It really does work. I think I have tried pretty much every mascara going, I usually buy a different one every time my current one runs out but this had lasted me ages. I usually go for mascaras with huge wands too as I thought they would work better and make my lashes look thicker and this does not dissapoint. People always say that if its got a BIG wand that it clumps easy well this does not. 

Dior described this mascara like this - Presenting makeup artists’ favorite mascara – in a new waterproof version! A staple of the catwalk and summer makeup routines alike, DiorShow Waterproof elevates the eyes to star status in one sweep."
Now we all know how over exaggerated the mascara adverts can be but i must say this one does the trick and as for being water proof.. I say this advertised in a magazine and the editor said that she had it on, jumped in the pool and it stayed, soo I decided to give this a try and well on my recent holiday to Florida I did exactly that and well I got to admit it stayed! I wore it to the parks, went on water rides and even by the pool and it didn't 'run' like a normal mascara would. Now, I’m not sure if that claim is accurate as it says as i did have a little blotchy panda eyes after swimming but it was also 40c heat so who can blame it.. 
This is my eye with the mascara on, no false lashes just eyeliner.
Regardless, my lashes seem thicker and fuller when wearing the mascara and definitely longer. This could just be a very good mascara fooling me into thinking my lashes are elevated but either way when wearing this my lashes look fab. I don’t even really need falsies (I do have long normal lashes tho!)

I would strongly recommend this if you want a mascara that doesn’t clump lashes, makes them appear longer and thicker and that stays put on holiday!

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  1. is it worth its price ?

  2. 100% i used this in Florida round the water parks and it stayed put really well for me, didn't run only smudges a little when i slept in it one night. x


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