Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review: Living a Lie with Fake Bake

Hey everyone, right so this afternoon I went for my FakeBake spray tan at a local salon of mine. I’ve never tried this brand of spray tan before as its a bit pricey although I do often tan myself at home pretty much all the time. So I thought id give you all an insight into the process colour and just really what you can expect.
First of all when I went into book my app the beautition gave me a quick run through what not to do, wear etc before your tan. So obviously if you are having this for a special occasion make sure you get a wax or of you shave at least 24hours before your appointment.
Next make sure you have a shower if possible before you go, check with you salon as they might have these facilities for you to use say if our coming straight from work, but the reason for this is if you have any moisturiser on the colour wont take very well and all so deodorant if you have any on during you spray tan you may find that your underarms go slightly green (not a good look) but if this does happen don’t worry as when you wash your tan off after the development stage this will all be gone.
When you book your app if you can try get the latest possible!! the tan works in 2 ways it is sprayed on directly and you will see colour immediately BUT this will develop darker and darker for the next 8 hours so to avoid walking round the shops looking like you’ve been dipped in chocolate then go for the later app and the tan develop over night. When you shower the next day you ‘top coat’ will wash off leaving a more subtle holiday tan look.
Picking your colour is mainly down to your beautician she will look at your skin tone and decided on the right match but if you are a bit wary or want a darker look just let her know and she should give you some guidence on which is best for you. (I got the 'Original' colour but i am dark skinned.)
Wondering what to wear?? It is advisory to wear  OLD clothing as they can get quit a bit of tan rubbed off on to them so baggy t shirts and joggers are best and flip flops for feet! Once your in the booth its up to you how much you dare to bare, you should be given disposable panties but take a pair you don’t mind getting sprayed, just incase. You can go in however you feel comfortable, I opted for just the paper thong but some may like to use a strapless bra or bikini to cover up top.
Me wearing 'Original' Fake Bake Spray tan
The overall spray tan takes about 10-15mins and is quiet pleasant. The finished look will vary on skin tone but overall it’s a beautiful ‘tan’ looking colour, which suits me fine.

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