Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fruity nail art

Hey everyone I just thought id share a quick post about my new nail art I've been trying out at home today and I must admit Im pretty pleased with myself and the end results. So basically I saw this pic of a girl who had hot pink nails with fruit attached and I know it sound mental but it looked really good!! (trust me)

So I decided to give it ago because it was just such an amazing summer look.
Here's the end result...


I tried to place the fruit on at first and got a bit over excited and it just looked a mess so on this pic I pretty much tried to replicate the whole look that the girls had used as it was a lot easier to copy placing of the fruit but next time Im defiantly going to experiment with some different ideas. (i didn't want to waste all the fruit at once)

Where did I get the fruit I here you say?? Well I searched high and low and remember seeing thing like this o my recent trip to the US and they have all sorts in target and their supermarkets, sadly over here in  the UK, not so much. I finally found a pack on trusty old E-bay for around £1.50 from china (=

Heres the pack...
Sorry about the pic quality, took it on my rather old phone.
There is so much to chose form on e-bay I could have easily bought loads (i partially like the candy version!) so for such a cheap price it easy to have a play around and experiment. Enjoy!

Love Holly


  1. These are amazing and for £1.50 you can't go wrong! :) x

    1. I know right, they even had some on for 99p and FREE postage!!
      love a good bargain haha xx

  2. These look awesome! So cute and summery!
    <3 Laura x

  3. These nailsdesign is gorgeous!! Perfect for summer! Love the colours and all of this cute fruits:) Awesome Nails!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  4. Thanks, must admit I was pretty pleased with myself for managing to pull these off!
    Glad you like =)


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