Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Random Beauty Haul...

So today I was out and found myself in Superdrug once again buying all sorts of things that I don't really need but they looked nice! ha

So heres what I bought:
-Neutrogena Multi-Defence Moisturiser
-Coastal Scents metal mania eye palette (this actually came in the post after ordering online!)
-NEW St.Tropez wash off Dark tan & scrubbing glove
-Viva La Juicy fragrance
-Tangle Teezer
- And Glamour mag which had a free Percy&Reed london Shampoo! (bargain)

I must admit a few of these are repeat buys like the moisturiser and perfume but they are soo nice they are worth it!

1. The Neutrogena multi-defence daily moisturiser is amazinggg, like seriously I have such mixed skin its like one week dry next oily so i really struggled to find a good face cream. This does the trick. I get the combination skin but it is available for dry, oily and normal. The bottle is 50ml and trust me it goes a long way, i use this daily and it lasts a good few months! you really don't need to lather your face full its that good. Price £8.99 and Rating 10/10 

2. Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette I ordered this online about a week ago and it's finally arrived yey! I have seen this being used in a lot of online tutorials and really liked the look of all the colours available. As much as i love my beauty products and make up Im not one for eye shadow and never really bother simply because I don;t have a clue where to start so I thought I'd treat myself and at least get some eye shadows so that I can start experimenting. I must admit the colours are great and really easy to blend so I'l do a review of the palette once i've used it more. Price £21.50 and Rating so far 8/10

3.NEW St.Tropez wash off Dark tan, normally i use the Rimmel instant tan for day to day and even nights out but if I am going out I do tend to get a spray tan but they can be rather costly especially if you're going out pretty much every weekend! So I bought this in hope that i would get a salon spray tan out of a bottle... I was wrong. This did not go on well at all! I did try to apply with  a tanning mitt and not latex gloves (don't no if this makes a difference??) but it just didn't go well on my skin, I applied to my legs first and well it was all over, its very dark the way i like it but it dried soooo fast that i couldn't get a smooth finish and ended up with visible tan lines (you know the sort) it just looked blotchy and very unattractive. I must admit it did go on my arms better but I didn't use as much product and quiet frankly wasn't very brown. I also bought a scrubbing mitt to get the tan off after my night out but this wasn't needed it washed off brilliantly (however not so good if your drunk friend likes to spill her drinks) Price £10.45 and Rating 5/10

4.Viva La Juicy fragrance they have just started to sell this in Superdrug uk and I must admit I lurvee all the juciy fragrances so Im probably a little bias! But the just smell sooooo good and they all smell different. This has been my staple smell since last summer now and along with Paco Rabanne Lady million. I still love the way these smell on me and i don't intend to stop (well at least not yet)
Price £33.99 and Rating 10/10

5. My final purchases were a Tangle Teezer and Percy&Reed london Shampoo! I had rave reviews about the tangle teezer and with naturally lonnnng hair I'm forever getting it in knots and pulling it out so although a little pricey for a brush (£10.99) I thought its going to be well worth it! The shampoo was free haha in this months UK Glamour mag they are giving away free hair products by Percy&Reed london and they smell lush! I got the shampoo and it comes in a very cute 100ml  bottle Bargain!
Overall rating for the two 10/10

So that was my beauty haul of the day, what do you think? has anyone else got these products I'd love to here if you agree with my rating!! If you'd like me to do a separate review on any just let me know =)

Happy Blogging
Love Holly


  1. great blog!!!!!!
    i follow you!

    1. Aww thank you glad you like, im pretty new so plenty more to come =)
      Iv just took a look at your blog and its soo cool, I've followed back! x

  2. Oh my god, I know what you mean. I always just 'wander' in to super drug and come out £40 less haha.

    The St Tropez is amazing, and my ultimate go-to tanner.
    Lovely blog, we are pretty similar in taste it seems, so I am your newest follower :) xxxx

  3. Aw thanks Hannah!
    ha that is soo true go into superdrug for a nail varnish end up with a bag full!!
    Just been on your blog its so cute and I love the name =)
    I've followed back xx


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