Tuesday, 30 October 2012

No Tricks, Just Treats

Hey Bloggers eeekk it's finally Halloween time and I'm so excited but this year I am highly disappointed in myself for not going out and not getting to dress up in some amazing costume. Boooo!! Nope this Halloween will be spent alone being boring and answering doors to the millions of children that live on my street!

Image taken from we heart it
So to cheer myself up I have made a Halloween to do list:

Numberrrr 1. Mess around with my nail pens and make so fun Halloween nail art!
actually just finished doing this so that the first thing checked of my list.

2. Cave my pumpkin that I have had sat in my Garage for the past 3 weeks (lets hope its not started to rott!) Sill deciding whether to go all classic Jack Skellington or try a boutique pumpkin and go all Chanel on it's ass!

and Number 3. (It's a very short list might I add) To bake some Halloween inspired cupcakes, not for the children who knock on my door but for me and me only!

As step one has been complete I'd like to share my Fun Halloween Nails...
Tadahhh haha I know not the most scary of nail art but it's fun, simple and I like it =)

More of my Halloween To Do's coming up later..
Happy Halloween!

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