Friday, 31 August 2012

Hot Tools Curling Iron Review

Hi everyone sooo Im back from America and finally able to come back to blogging! I have got soo much to review so Im starting off with a quick review on my Hot Tools curling iron I've been using over in the states! 
I was finally able to get my hands on the Hot Tools 1 1/2 gold barrel to use while I've been spending the summer over in Florida. It gives me really loose waves and my hair doesn’t take forever since it’s such a big barrel, It heats up really fast and goes up to 430 degrees. The tip doesn’t get hot so you wont burn yourself and it has a swivel cord which makes really easy to move around. The barrel is gold because apparently it makes the heat distribute itself evenly. It also comes with two extra safety stands you can clip on when they start to wear off. 
I also purchased the 1 inch barrel which makes your curls last a lot longer through the day. The boxes come with the exact degrees the wand should be heated depending on the texture of your hair. Hot Tools has definitely won me over with they’re curling irons.
I bought mine over in Florida and the product they range from $35-$42. Although I have only used it for the past few month I do feel like you are paying for a good product that should last a long time. 
Right so now that I'm back in the UK I can't use my hair tongs because of the voltage BUT I've have found loads of sites selling them over here so I'm defiantly going to purchases this asap and for £20 they are a real bargain!
Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi where can I buy these curlers in the uk?? Thankyou xxx


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