Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rainy Days Nail Art

So my plan for going for a tea time run has now been ruined by the current absurd wether going on in the NorthEast of England right now! So here I am blogging to you about my lonnng afternoon locked inside of my room listening to the thunder and lightening =) *Big Smiles* I love thunderrrr!!

However I think I might just run up into the loft and grab the hunters so I can parade down my street (which now looks like a scene from singling in the rain!) Then again maybe an umbrella isn't the best of accessory in these conditions...

Iv'e been to Florida so many times and I guess Im a little less wowed by the weather were getting as my twitter and FB are crowded with pics of flooding (what a lovely sight) Im more bothered about my poor little Clio who loves to let the rain leak through the sunroof!! Cue my unimpressed face..

Like I said its been raining for agesss here so I decided to get busy and whack out the nail varnish and try some new designs. Seen as it is actually supposed to be summer here in the uk I went for a tribal/aztec feel in some lovely bright colours.

The nail pens I used were buy Rio and they were the Neon collection. I flicked through designs for the tribal theme but in the end jut went with what fitted on to the nail. For my first try at nail art with the pens I must say i found it really easy and even managed to paint my right hand (although the lines were a little shaky!)  
So shat do you think of this nail art look a big thumbs up or one to skip?
Thunder & lightening..  Love or Hate?? And if your in the northeast whats the weather like where you are?? share your pics with me on Twitter @hollyryd =)

Love, Holly xoxo


  1. oh my gosh, your naildesign is awesome!! The aztec print is one of my favourits so I love your design!! I think I would never get it this way!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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