Monday, 16 April 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Hi everyone!
So over the weekend Iv been away at a family wedding and returned to find lots of lovely comments and also a Blogger Award! Yey!! Thanks to Chelsea from 'Through Chelsea's Eyes'  for giving me this award (it's my first one!) so make sure you go and check out her blog it's too cute =)

This is my first award for my blog so I'm super excited! ha anywaysss cracking on....
The rules are:
1. List 7 facts about yourself
2. Award the blog to others and let them know.

So here they are: 
1. Im super organised which borderlines OCD!
2. I have graduated from Uni with a 2:1 Journalism Degree
3. Im obsessed with Disney, this year will be my 10th time to Florida!
4. Im trying to save up and move in with my amazing boyfriend
5. I really don't like toes, they freak me out.
6. I'm a roller coaster junkie!
7. I'm dying for a maltipoo puppy.

So there you have it! ha interesting i know ;)
So moving on to the other part where I pass on this award to my fellow bloggers...

Love Holly 


  1. Congrats!! :) xx

  2. Well done on your first award! Can't believe your going to Disneyland Florida for the 10th time! x

    1. Thanks so much =)
      ha i love it so much getting tad old now though!

  3. well done! ive just discovered your blog! love it :)! x

  4. Aww, thanks for nominating me!! :D
    .. Plus.. I HATE TOES TOO!! I don't know why, they're just weird. :/
    <3 Laura x

    1. Aww your welcome I love your blog its one of the first i followed =)
      Love your 7 facts too xx


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