Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pins and Needles.. Silk-épil Epilator Review

Hello Lovelies! Hope you're having a fab weekend, I'm particular excited because all the ice and snow has gone and its safe for me to wear heals once again without looking like Bambi on Ice! Right so this year for christmas I asked for a rather odd present as my friend described it but to me it was pretty standard I got...the best epilator ever! HA Curious?

So Iv'e been wanting this for a while and tbh they cost a canny bit so I wasn't going to splash out and spend over £100 on something that inflicts pain on myself HOWEVER my lovely grandmother got me it for one of my prezzies cue excited screams as the one I been using since the age of 15 (I know, I know) literally rips my legs apart every time I used it *ouchh!

This is the Braun Silk-épil 7 wet & dry epilator, which you can buy from Boots For £119.99.
So what so you get with it, my edition is the 7391 legs & body (there are others which are designed for facial use as well.) Inside you get your epilator, cleaning brush, 2 heads/caps, plug, pre wipes and a pouch to put it all in.

What the Box Contained.
I've only used this twice since I got it in December as one of the great things about using and epilator is that you don't have to do it as often as shaving!  But straight away as soon as I used it I could see a massive difference in this and my previous one.  I don't no many people who use an epilator, my mother introduced me to it when I was younger as I'm light skinned and have really dark brown hair, and as some of you will know dark hair shows up more on legs than blonde. Im going to talk about the Pro's and Con's now of this epilator and of using one for those who are maybe thinking of giving it a try.


  • Right the first thing that comes to mind is how gentle this epilator is. Compared to my previous the technology in these things has come a long way and I can truthfully say it doesn't hurt. (And I'm a bit of a wimp!)
  • It can be used pretty much any where, as its for wet and dry use and its cordless. So weather you want to use it in the shower or floor it's going to work for you.
  • It has a light!! Right you will no believe how great this is until you use it! Makes life so much easier than trying to strain your eyes to see all those fine hairs!
  • It gives your legs a massage... ok so not quiet but it does include a massage system that stimulates the skin while plucking.
  • Last pro.... its sparkly!

My Silk-épil 7

  • At around £120 the price will be a big con for them to buy one of these eplators. But trust me its worth the investment, if your unsure and want to try it out theres no point in buy a cheap one for £20 because truthfully it's going to hurt like hell! Yes its pretty pricey but its basically just 6 trips to the salon for a leg wax! 
  • The charger this isn't a big con but its one to consider as to charge up the epilator you do need to have one of those shaver outlets you see in bathrooms. Now I'm lucky enough to live in a new build house, some people might not have this available to you need to check. Would be better if you could charge in a normal socket and then still use wirelessly!
  • Once again its about the charging of the product it takes 1 hour to charge and runs for 40 mins wireless the booklet advises to re charge after every use however if like me you sometimes forget to do these things, you're going to run out of charge half way though and then your kind of screwed. (well for an hour at least!)
Next on my list is the Naked Skin IPL but don't expect a review anytime soon as it currently retails at £449.99 ouchh!!
 Hope this review has been some, what helpful to anyone wanting to buy an epilator or wondering about upgrading. If i've missed anything off and you have any questions Im happy to help, so please just ask! However any requests for a demonstration will be denied ha ha (not pretty)!


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