Thursday, 24 January 2013

Beauty Haul Essentials...

 Hi Bloggers hope everyones January is going well and having a great start to the new year!!
So I seam to run out of every thing all at once and find my self spending loads on one trip to Boots haha These are a few beauty essentials and wants that I pretty much use every day and I've just put a rather large order in at E.L.F online so I'll be doing a post about my make up haul when that all arrives too. Anyway these are a few things I picked up yesterday while I was out. 

L-R Models Own Sponges, MUA Nail Caviar, Essie Polish, Bio-Oil,
OralB 3D White, Spa Scrub, Stylfile & L'Oreal lip liner.
Right so a quick run though the things I bought:

Models Own Sponges: I've been a bit hesitant to getting these as £8 for a sponge seamed a bit steep but iv'e seen them being used in a lot of foundation tutorials lately and thought I'd bite the bullet and give them a whirl. I'll let you know how that one goes..

MUA Nail Caviar in Gemini: This wasn't an intentional buy I kind of just spotted in while in Superdrug and really like the colour oh and I happen to be a Gemini so that kinda swayed me haha and the price £2 bargain Im going to do a post on how well it works and looks this weekend.

Essie Nail Polish in Fiji: Been after his for ages, they finally sell it in the Boots near mine so I snapped this up as it was the last one yeyy!

Bio-Oil: Ok so this is a bit of a random one but I've started to use this again simply because my arms and skin are so dry from the cold (and maybe the over use of fake tan) and it really works so well. Anyone who is prone to dry patches on their skin (i know lovely right?!), you should really give this a go you don't need to use a lot so you're not covering yourself in oil, it says to use twice a day but i only use it every time I shower or every other day as I like to switch it with my coco butter. Oh and it smells great and only cost £3!

Oral B 3D White Toothpaste £2: I bought this toothpaste before after seeing the advert on TV with Holly Willoughby in and after using it I thought it hadn't worked because I really couldn't see a differance. This was before christmas and since finishing it and going back to a normal paste I feel as though I can see a little difference in the whiteness of my teeth so I've bought it again to give it another try.

Spa Scrub: I suffer with rather sensitive skin and can't really use and scented shower gel or soaps so this baby is a god send for me. I use to use the Soap and Glory scrub but at £11 it was breaking the bank as I go through this stuff like lightening! This is by a brand called ooh la Spa and I get it from a little pharmacy near me for £3.99 it's amazing, its smells like a holiday and is brilliant for getting rid of fake tan and getting your skin silky smooth.

Stylfile by Tom Pellereau: This is the best nail file ever! I meet Tom at the clothes show live this year and he's so nice and really loves his product and so he should its brilliant! As you can see its an S shape which is supposed to be better for your nails and makes it a lot easier to files the edges in my opinion. I can't remember how many nail files I went through last year but it was quiet a few so the stylfile is said to last up to 12 months... lets see how far we get!

L'Oreal Lip Liner in 668 Rose Vintage: Right so this isn't something I buy often in fact this may possibly be the first lip liner I have ever owned why? Simply because I really just didn't know what to do with them to not make you look like a drag queen and basically I hate my lips so I don't really like to faff on with them. They are thin and boring and since I was about 8 I've always wanted lovely big bee stung lips and well mine are not that. So after contemplating all the possible ways of getting 'bigger' lips   I thought id give a liner a try. ( If this doesn't work I may have to look at fillers ...*screams!)

So all this should keep me interested for about a day or two and then I'll be back out buying more 'Essentials' haha! Oh and if any one has any tips for big lips please let me know i'm dying over hear! 

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