Sunday, 16 December 2012

Clothes Show Live Experiance

Hey I've just finished a hectic week and finally managed to get my blog post out about my Clothes show experience, now if you don't want to hear a negative post about your beloved Clothes show then stop reading NOW because sadly this is not going to be me telling you how much I loved it and how amazing it was... Quiet frankly it was embarrassing! 

So.... Last weekend I was in Birmingham with my mum for the Clothes Show Live at the NEC. I've been plenty of times when I was at school and I think the last time I was there was with my textiles class in 2005! That should have been my first hint that it just wasn't going to be the same. I remember going with my friends and thinking it was amazing and buying loads of clothes so obviously I'd asked my mother if we could book a hotel and go this year.... I wish I hadn't bothered. Now I don't no if it was just because I was pretty young when I first went but it was nothing like I remembered or imagined.

Now don't get me wrong the fashion show its self was brilliant I really enjoyed that part (it was helped by the parading of male models in just their underwear*pics coming up) but the rest well just left me a little underwhelmed. First of the clothes were like something you would find on a market stall and where I live thats really not a good thing! I was surprised by the number of naff t-shirts and crappy leggings for sale over and over. Ok maybe to a few peoples taste but if 'chav' was the look you were going for you hit the jackpot! Please correct me if I'm wrong in thinking that ASOS was a sponsor and Henry Holland was a presenter, were any of their clothes available to buy, No don't think so. I guess I was just expecting more stylish and diverse clothing available on offer at an event that calls its self 'CLOTHES SHOW'!!

On to the Beauty Hall now this was a little hit and miss for me. I think there were really good brands and great offers available but there only sooo many nail art kits and teeth whiting treatments you can have/buy in one day. Again the beauty counters were good but they were just repeating the same thing over and over and it got a little boring to wonder around. So after buying my 3rd 'goody bag for £10' which contained exactly the same things as my previous two, I gave up.

I was sooo disappointed in the whole day and even when I told my friends about it and showed them my pics they were a little disheartened. Now I no this is a really negative review but I really felt completely let down and kind of a little pissed that I'd paid £27 to get in, train fairs and overnight stay and I was met with in my own words 'a load of crap'. If you asked me before I went last weekend would I recommend going to the Clothes Show I would have Sound its praises and jumped at the chance to go, however sadly after last weekend I be embarrassed to recommend anyone spending their money and going to this event. Sorry but this got a massive THUMBS DOWN!!


  1. Oh dear! I've never been to the Clothes Show as every textiles trip I was supposed to go on always got cancelled a couple of weeks before! Maybe I missed the time when I would have enjoyed it too! It's such a shame you were disappointed but I think you're brave to blog about it, as I'm sure lots of people would have felt the same but felt they had to sing its praises! Love your blog, maybe we can follow each other :)

    1. Thanks for your great comment Sophie =)
      I hate having to do negative posts but I was so disappointed that I felt it needed to be said!
      I'd love for us to follow each other,
      Holly x


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