Monday, 10 September 2012

American Beauty Haul... elf product reviews

So while I was away I decided to get as  many beauty treats as I could and considering the prices over in the US are wayyyy cheaper than UK I could have spent a fortune in Target and duty free! ha
So here are a few of the products I picked up, these are all my favourites!

I love elf products they are such good quality and amazingly low prices that I use them in my everyday 'face' all the time and to me some of their products are just as good at doing the job as all the top brands. 
These are a few of the elf products I picked up from a local Target. Some good and some not so great but still not bad for the price. 

  • First off is the Good: My elf foundation was a risky one as out in the US there seams to be no colour samples anywhere so I guessed and surprisingly it's a perfect match! Only thing I would say is the formula is a little drying but for my oily skin thats not a problem. 
  • Next is the eyebrow kit this is brilliant i don't do much with mine, so the gel and powder work well to shape and fill in.
  • Tone Correcting Powder, I use this as a powder to set my foundation as if is very light and works really well this way. 
  • The concealer and highlighter I picked up I have mixed feelings about sometimes it works a dream and others it doesn't really make any difference. I tend to use the highlighter as a primer for my eyeshadow.
  • Golden Bronzer this is another hit and miss I like to be bronzed and for me this doesn't feel like I'm getting enough colour from it but it does give you a glow you're not gong to be completely pale after using. 
  • Daily Brush Cleaner for me this doesn't do a lot of good, I wash my brushes every week or so and this cleaner is to be used straight after use but tbh I'm a little lazy and always forget so I can't really say if it's working or not oops!
What are your favourite and least fav elf products? 
I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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