The story behind BB Cream (Blemish Balm/ Blemish Base) is that it was created in Germany where the formula was used for healing laser skin surgery.
This cream formula became extremely popular especially in Asia and now finally it made its break through in the UK.

Why BB Cream is so AMAZING and VERY popular??
Well the cream formula offers a very wide spectrum of goods for your skin. 
1) Brightens skin
2) SPF
3) Anti-Acne/Anti-Wrinkle
4) Even skin tone
5) Has Primer properties 
6) Moisturizer
7) And many more…

I  recently sent off for a sample of the  Garnier BB Cream one of the first bb creams on offer and a cheaper option.
So on to  my review of this cream:
According to the statements on the cream it offers:
-renews skin
-evens skin tone

I must admit the texture of the cream is very nice and light, it almost feels like a tinted moisturizer. However for my the cream left a greasy feel on my skin, and i mean super shiny. I wouldn't consider my skin as overly oily, more normal to combination skin. So this was a big disappointment. in the pack you get 3 sachets to try out but honestly by the second one i was over it far too oily for my skin and also not enough coverage.