Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ticking 'Timeline' Bomb
So today I had the privilege of getting the new Facebook timeline and boy its wasn’t pretty.
First of all I do not need to reminded of the day i was born thank you, I have celebrate it for the past 21 years If I can’t remember the date by now the quiet frankly I don’t deserve a birthday! haha Secondly I do not want to be reminded of the first year I joined fb back on 2007, showing all my history, posts, likes and friend requests. Its boring and well just slightly weird. 
Not everyone has the new timeline yet but fear not for those of you in the UK (not sure about anywhere else) it will be gracing you with its presence soon and you wont be able to back out, because Facebook believes in giving and this is their gift to you “I wish they hadn’t bothered”… but it’s the thought that counts and the thought that is going to be causing a lot more stalking and arguments in the new year!
So if you have nothing better to do after you’ve stuffed yourself with dinner and chocs, you can pop on to Facebook [how sad] and check out your new layout… Whhoooo (note the sarcasm!!!) 

Happy Blogging

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