Friday, 16 March 2012

Body scrubbing challenge..

So Iv set myself a challenge to find the best exfoliation scrub and as most of you will know with any new product It takes time to find the one. It’s a lot of trial and error to finally one day meet the ideal beauty product you could never see yourself cheating on. I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect body scrub.
The ones I would try from drugstores were too gentle…I wanted something that was going to actually exfoliate, not just slide off my skin and leave a trail of apricot-colored residue around my drain. So I decided to splurge on some more pricey ones labeled “sea salt” or “sugar scrub.” They exfoliated better, but were way too moisturizing (re: slimy). Although my tub was fruit-color free, it was coated in a slippery invisible film which now clogged my drain.

Thanks to a co-worker, I discovered the perfect body scrub: Sugar and my favourite lotion. Yup, that’s all. No greasy oils, and I could make it as rough or gentle as I wanted depending on my sugar to lotion ratio. I no this may sound a little strange but so now it's working (although I do want to give it a little lick it as it smells pretty darn good!)
The best part? This homemade concoction will always be cheaper than what you may spend at stores like Fenwicks and John Lewis.
Now, I’m not one to skimp on beauty products. If it does what I need it to do I’ll spend the money. I’m also not one to make a day of mixing all my beauty products with food in the kitchen. The best part isn’t actually the price. It’s that, afterwards, I don’t have to give my tub the same exfoliation treatment as I did my skin.
Love Holly


  1. I recommend peeling coffee, which you can do the same :) Amazing! :)

  2. Wow iv never heard of using that, thanks I'll give it a go!


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